RealSelf Spotlights Dr. Newall as Houston Brazilian Butt Lift Expert

In recent years, the emergence of has helped millions of patients gather information and connect with plastic surgeons in their area.  Dr. German Newall was named a preferred physician for Brazilian Butt Lifts in Houston by Read more...

Wave Goodbye to Flabby Arms!

You probably remember the first time you lifted your hand to wave at someone and felt your upper arm jiggle. For so many women, flabby arms are a source of embarrassment.  Fortunately, there are two solutions for women who are anxious to get rid of their “bat wings.” Read more...

Dr. Newall Develops a Safer, More Efficient Method for Fat Transfer

One of the most popular procedures Dr. Newall performs is fat grafting.  Unlike liposuction, fat grafting isn’t just about having less fat. (read more)

Plastic Surgery is Gaining Popularity Among Men

Houston Plastic Surgeon, Germán Newall, shares why
In the last decade, more and more men are embracing cosmetic plastic surgery procedures over the less invasive procedures they chose in the past. (Read More)

A Guide to Choosing the Right Procedure for Breast Enhancement

Breasts are a symbol of a woman's femininity and sex appeal, so it’s no wonder that breast surgery has been among the most popular cosmetic procedures for more than a decade. A common concern for women over 35 is sagging breasts.  This can be treated with a breast lift (mastopexy) or by implants alone. Read more...

Specialized Contouring for Tummy Tucks by Your Texas Tummy Tuck Surgeon, German Newall

Dr. German Newall has spent the last 20 years as a board certified plastic surgeon in Houston, perfecting and enhancing the art of body contouring.  He prides himself in dramatic and natural looking results for Read more...

Houston News Reporter, Andrea Gomez shares her story as a Mommy Makeover patient of Dr. Newall

View the documentary in English or en Espanol. Watch now...

Dr. Newall Introduces a New Technique for Thigh Lipo

Dr. German Newall, Houston plastic surgeon and founding partner at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery in Houston, has developed a new technique for thigh liposuction to give patients better results. Read More...

Dr. Newall Appears on Entre Tacones for Azteca Houston 51

 Dr. Newall fue invitado a aparecer en el show "Entre Tacones" con Andrea Gomez, Adriana Calhoon, Carla Medrano, y Dulce Salas.  Vea el video aqui

Dr. Newall Answers the Age Old Question: Silicone or Saline

Breast Augmentation Surgery is one of the most popular procedures performed by Dr. Newall in Houston, but many women struggle with the choice of saline or silicone implants. Read More...

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